801 Racing is a group of racing die-hards from Orem, Utah with deep roots in the fuel additive industry.

They’ve spent countless hours in the lab and at the track over the last decade developing cutting edge products that make sure you get your winning fix.

They currently offer PULSE, a POWER BOOST Fuel Addittive that provides an immediate measurable increase in horsepower in diesel, gasoline and methanol powered internal combustion engines for racing or normal use.

801 Racing’s, Pulse Power Boost is targeted at the racing community for all forms of motorsports that need an edge against the competition in the other lane or to get out ahead of the pack and stay there.

Pulse can be used by enthusiasts who wants more horsepower, that want to take care and prolong the life of its engine.

 We make things that make you go faster.

We are 801 Racing and we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

We Won’t Slow Down Until You’re Faster !!!




801 Racing Pulse Power Boost Technology comes in a solid red ball and is a fuel boost catalyst that completely dissolves in the fuel tank.

PULSE has consistently demonstrated increased overall performance, providing smoother cold starts, increased throttle response and less knock under load. In addition to increased power and performance, PULSE works to remove hard carbon deposits and reduce engine maintenance costs.

Pulse Power Boost will come packaged in a sealed pouch (2 pack) or in an embossed display tin. (6 pack)


PULSE provides an immediate measurable increase in horsepower in gasoline, diesel and methanol powered engines.

Most drivers also notice an improvement in overall performance, such as smoother cold starts, less hesitation in response to increased fuel, less knock under load with poorer quality fuels in addition to the increased horsepower.


PULSE optimizes fuel burn process creating more efficient combustion and minimizing wasted power.

The catalytic components allow for a smoother, more rapid propagation of the flame front through the fuel air mixture in the combustion chamber. This allows more of the fuel to burn at optimum timing in the pressure/timing cycle, and results in a pressure/timing profile closer to the ideal engine cycle. This also means that more of the fuel is burned inside the combustion chamber, where useful work is being performed, and less fuel is being burned in the header outside of the combustion where work from the released energy is essentially wasted. The result is an immediate measurable increase in horsepower to the wheels where it really counts.


In addition to the increase in power and performance, the catalytic effects of PULSE power boost will also remove hard carbon deposits from combustion surfaces, ultimately reducing maintenance costs, which would otherwise occur from carbon build-up.

Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.


Additive – 801 Pulse, Power Boost Fuel Treatment 

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Additive – 801 Pulse, Power Boost Fuel Treatment 

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This graph illustrates four different examples of the increase in horsepower provided by PULSE.

This graph demonstrates how effective PULSE is in preventative maintenance. Illustrated below are three graphs, which show soot and iron levels in the oil with and without PULSE. The results indicate that the soot and iron levels when using PULSE were still better at 30,000 mile intervals than they were without PULSE at 10,000 mile intervals. Less friction means better performance and less maintenance.


Q. What type of fuel can Pulse be used in?

PULSE can be used in all hydrocarbon fuel blends. These include gasoline, diesel, methanol, E85 and all fuel blends. When applied to methanol, it should be applied several hours before the methanol is used to ensure it is completely dissolved.

Q. How long does PULSE take to dissolve in fuel?

PULSE begins dissolving immediately and typically dissolves within minutes. Temperature of the fuel and agitation will affect the total time necessary to completely dissolve PULSE. You can add PULSE to your tank at any time, but for quickest dissolution add PULSE to your tank immediately before fueling. When using PULSE in race fuels, it is recommended to add PULSE to the fuel the day before you race.

Q. Does PULSE change the octane levels of fuel?
PULSE does not change octane levels or any other fuel specifications.
Q. Can PULSE clog a fuel filter?

PULSE dissolves 100% in the fuel and will not clog a fuel filter.

Q. Will using PULSE void my engine warranty?

PULSE will not void an engine warranty because it does not change any fuel specifications.

Q. Does adding more than the recommended dosage of PULSE provide even greater power gains?

Not significantly. Always use PULSE in accordance with the recommended dosage.

Q. Will adding PULSE to my fuel harm my engine?

No. Using PULSE in accordance with the recommended dosage will never harm your engine.

Q. Will adding more than the recommended dosage of PULSE harm my engine?

No, however for best results always use the recommended dosage.

Q. Can I add PULSE to a fuel tank with less than 15 gallons?

One dose of PULSE will treat any amount of fuel up to 15 gallons. This means that it can be used in one gallon or five gallons up to 15 gallons with each treatment.

Q. What if my fuel tank holds more than 15 gallons?

Use two PULSE treatments for any amount of fuel between 15 gallons up to 30 gallons.

Q. How much horsepower will my engine gain by using PULSE?

It depends. There are many outside variables that affect horsepower like humidity, air temperature, altitude, emission controls, fuel, engine timing and other factors. The only way to determine your horsepower gains will be to dyno your car before and after treatment with PULSE. Refer to graph on front for examples.

Q. Can I store PULSE in my car?

PULSE is safe to store in your car but it will melt in temperatures higher than 140 F. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Q. How often should I use PULSE?

For best results use PULSE every time you fill your tank. Consistent use of PULSE will help to clean and maintain optimal performance of the combustion chamber.

Q. After I begin using PULSE, how soon will I notice a difference in performance?

PULSE begins working immediately and with most vehicles the performance will be recognized right away. For immediate results, some vehicles may require a manual reset to the vehicle’s computer before a change in performance will be recognized. A reset can be achieved by simply disconnecting and then reconnecting the batteries(s) in the vehicle. As PULSE works to clean the combustion chamber, it may take several tanks of fuel to achieve maximum performance.


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